Friday, March 1, 2013

2013 MLB Draft Notes: Dillon Overton

OU lefty Dillon Overton (
Position:  LHP
Height/Weight:  6'2/180
School:  Oklahoma

Oklahoma's Dillon Overton got the start Friday against Pepperdine.  It was a cold, windy day in Norman and the game was expected to be a pitcher's duel with Overton being a possible first round selection.  However, it didn't turn out to be that way.  Below are notes I took from Overton's performance against Pepperdine.

First Inning:  The first thing I noticed was how simple Overton's pitching motion is.  He started the game off with a K with a CH low and in to a righty.  His arm motion for his changeup was solid; I couldn't detect much of a difference.

Second Inning:  Recorded another K after the hitter got caught looking.  Overton was really struggling with his FB command missing high most of the time.  It didn't seem like he was able to get a quick inning throughout the entire game until his later two innings.  Overton was laboring to get out of innings, but he still hadn't allowed a run.  Ended the inning with two strikeouts on low and away off-speed pitches.

Third Inning:  Continued struggling with FB command.  Another K on CH low and away.

Fourth Inning:  This is where things got ugly for Overton.  To give him a bit of a break, the Oklahoma offense went off the half-inning before scoring 7 runs.  It was a cold day and I'm sure the really long break had an effect on Overton.  He left a couple up to begin the inning which resulted in a run.  He allowed a 2-run double off his CH.  He got another K with his CH after setting the batter up with two straight FBs.  However, a high FB got hammered for a HR making the game 8-6 after heading into the inning with an 8-0 lead.  He ended this terrible inning with a big looping breaking ball for another K.

Fifth and Sixth Innings:  These two innings were probably Overton's best.  He had his first 1-2-3 inning in the 5th and then another quick inning in the 6th.

Overton finished the day with a line of 6 IP, 6 ER, 10 K, and 4 BB.

Overall Thoughts:  John Sickels sees Overton battling this season for a late first-round selection.  I'm an amateur scout, but I didn't definitely didn't see that today.  I saw OU fans stating that it was his worst performance of the year and as mentioned above, it was a cold day and he had a very, very long wait between the 3rd and 4th.  But, his fastball, which is around 88-89 MPH, was not effective at all and was struggling to command it.  His best pitch of the day was definitely his changeup.  In the first three innings, he was pounding the bottom of the zone with it when the fastball wasn't working.  He didn't have the same command with it in the 4th as he was leaving it up, but he bounced back in the 5th and 6th with keeping it down where it is at its best.

I caught Overton on a bad day, but even if he's on, I can't see his stuff being first-round worthy.  However, I'll bet he'll be an early round selection and he has the potential to be a crafty left-hander in the bigs especially with his changeup that struck out so many against Pepperdine.

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